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“Socialism is Great!”
With insight and humour, I’ll tell my coming of age story which shows where China was coming from.  The 80’s was an important era when things began to change and China became what it is today.  I’ll also discuss the pressing issues facing today’s China and predict where it will be going.

Understanding Business Culture
China can be incomprehensible for westerns on their first foray into the country.  It is essential to understand business etiquette and certain aspects of Chinese culture: the philosophy of midstream living, Confucianism and its emphasis on hierarchy, the concept of mianzi and its significance.  I’ll explain how the Chinese communicate and what “yes” really means.  And I’ll offer tips for success as well as for avoiding pitfalls.

The Changing Role of Women in China
My grandma was a prostitute-turned-concubine; my mother a frustrated worker and victim of the political campaigns; and myself a factory-worker-turned writer, making the best out of new opportunities.  These stories illustrate the changes Chinese women have gone through.  I’ll discuss what the Chinese Communists did for women and the setbacks brought the reforms in recent years.

Frog in a Well (inspirational/motivation speech)
This is a famous story by the ancient philosopher Zhuangzhi about a Frog being trapped in a well, unable to see the great world beyond the patch of sky above.  For ten years, I was a frog trapped at the bottom of my factory well.  To change my situation, I started to teach myself English, which eventually gave me the drive to get out.  Many of us find ourselves trapped in some kind of well.  As long as we are willing to try, we can always find inspiration to make the jump.

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